Choose from a Range of Inset Electric Fires

Once fitted, electric inset fires give the appearance of a real fire. Located in Plymouth, Devon, our skilled team provide seamless installations so you are able to enjoy your home’s new feature in next to no time. Most electric fires will fit into a standard fireplace opening or can be fitted with a spacer when this is not available. Below is a small selection of inset fires we have on offer, please visit our showroom or the online brochures page for more fires and information.

Variety of Options

There is a wide choice of styles and colours for inset electric fires from Select Appliances, with a choice of fuel beds in coal, pebbles, or logs. Simply visit for helpful advice and information on all fires, including: hang on the wall, Stoves and electric suite options and installation. 

CONTACT us in Plymouth, Devon, to learn more about our electric fires