The latest styles in fire surrounds

Colour has played a significant role this year, with grey micro marble and pastel timber surrounds making an entrance. Very large and more compact fireplaces are now available to reflect the wide range of homes we now live in.

Elgin and Hall Odella Inglenook

The Odella has 2 looks as an inglenook as shown which could have an electric or gas fire installed or as a traditional fireplace with a back panel and hearth

Elgin and Hall Eternia 

The Eternia is shown with an inset gas fire and a stove fire front which mixes traditional and modern.
Available in white or Manilla micro marble to suit all colour schemes

Capital Mullholland

Natural limestone has always had a strong appeal for those wanting a totally unique and natural fireplace. This mantle can be combined with a variety of fire styles to create a range of looks

Warm Home Waterford

Simple classic looks for those who don’t want any fuss. At only 48” wide it is the ideal size for most homes. Works well with a gas or electric fire

Trent Benidorm

Painted finishes are popular for those who prefer a plainer look. These look fantastic with granite or marble back panels and hearths. Visit our showroom to see just how good they look

Trent linear

This fantastic timber surround can be made to fit any size and comes in a range of colours.

Warm Home Greenock

This fully polished cast iron surround would look stunning in a more traditional home, while bringing a new chic look into the room. 

Elgin and Hall Vitalia

This fireplace draws the eye due to its boldness and fine detailing, making this fireplace the centrepiece of any room.