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State-of-the-Art Boilers

As Worcester Accredited Installers we offer a complete installation service on their wide range of gas boilers designed to meet all home heating and hot water needs. We provide a survey before purchase along with  full installation by our  Worcester accredited engineers. We then contact you annually to service your boiler if required. Subject to installation of Worcester controls and an annual service the guarantee may be up to 10 years. Ask for information on current guarantee conditions.

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  • 10 year guarantee

Utilising Modern Technology

There are a wide range of controls available from the Worcester Wave, which allows you to control your smart central heating on the go via an app using a wireless internet connection, Comfort 1 and 2 radio frequency controls, or the more traditional mechanical timers. You are able to view the full range of boilers and controls on the Worcester website.

System Upgrades

To ensure continued reliability and the lifetime of your boiler a system filter can be fitted which will collect system debris and pollutants before they reach your boiler. Other components such as a pressure reducing valve can be fitted to ensure a level of pressure is not exceeded which may damage heating components. In certain areas shock arrestors are fitted to prevent water hammer, which causes noise and potential pipe movement in your system.

Contemporary and Modern Radiators

If you are having a new boiler installed it is a good opportunity to replace any old radiators which may be less efficient due to internal corrosion and sludge build up. Stelrad radiators are the brand behind the UK’s bestselling and most popular radiator range. From the Compact selection that offers the horizontal and vertex options and chrome and white towel rails available in a variety of sizes to the designer range of radiators utilising the Compact, Planar, Concord, and classic column styles, there is a Stelrad product to suit all requirements. We can offer a full supply and installation service for the Stelrad range of radiators.


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